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Alain Manzon founded the AGENCE ALPHA, a family-run company, in 1975 and continues to manage the firm.

Alain Manzon studied economics and law at the Aix en Provence University, and graduated with a master’s degree in economics (corporate management). For five years he was a senior executive at one of the largest and most reputable privately-owned French real estate development companies, where he managed the real estate development department. He has had ongoing roles as manager of real estate companies (real estate transactions, yearly rental management, seasonal rental management, management agent, estate agent, developer).

After many years of experience in the trade he joined the Companie Nationale des Experts Immobiliers (CNEI) and was granted qualification n° 1004 in 1995.

Alain Manzon, an authority in his profession, advises on real estate appraisals (market values, rental values, profits, cash flow, mortgages, etc…).

He also serves as an counselor on a variety of topics (consultant, estates, ISF, and various other commissions…) He is the author of in-depth articles and real estate analyses, which you may find on his web site A selection is available at the following site: > Thumbnail "Docs et Info" > Real estate market research.

Our staff is comprised of extended family members and friends, linked by loyalty and friendship.
We pride ourselves in our long-established attachments to the Alpha Agency, our solid understanding of business procedures and real estate expertise.

The agency’s principal activities are real estate transactions (purchases and sales of houses, apartments, villas and land properties), property management (rentals both seasonal and year-long) and real estate appraisals. For the later please refer to the web site

Pertinent Information:

Principal place of establishment: Route du littoral (ex RN 98 et ex RD559) - Beauvallon-Guerrevieille - 83310 GRIMAUD-SAINTE MAXIME

FNAIM Membership: n° 7622

Professional Card: N°1065 délivrée par la CCI de FREJUS N°8304 2016 000 007 905 et garantie par GALIAN – 75008 PARIS.

SIRET: 302 353 750 000 45 - APE : 6831Z

SIREN: (B) 302 353 750 - RC 75 B 23 (Tribunal de Commerce de Fréjus - Var).

URSSAF Code: 830 et 83 000 000 77 321 - ASSEDIC : 089366R

TVA Intercommunity n°: FR 26 310 470 653

Current Account: HSBC Ste-Maxime n° 227 204 304 2

Sales Account: HSBC Ste-Maxime n° 09840063858

Rentals Account: HSBC Ste-Maxime n° 227 848 848 2

IBAN: FR76 3005 6002 2702 2720 4304 230

SWIFT Transfers: CCFRPP - Code guichet 0027 - Code banque 30056 - RIB : 60 + n° de compte bancaire de l'agence à créditer.

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